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Krishna Bryant asked a very important question in an article entitled “In Living Color: Finding Your Voice Through Style.” The question asked was, “What is style to you?”

This is a very  important question. You may ask “Why?” Because your style refers to how you present yourself. The way you live, speak, think and dress is all about your personal taste, which you are entitled to.

Bryant offers some great suggestions in this article, especially when it comes to how one should dress. She advise the following:

Change Things Up
Getting out of your comfort zone can be fun and at the same time, it can be stressful. Any amount of change will be uncomfortable initially believe me I understand so move at your own pace. You should always look and style your life your way and be okay with that. It’s also good to try new styles and fads. Have you tried anything out of the ordinary lately? I’m going to give you some advice and ideas on how to style your life. You’ll be you on your way to looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside in no time. When letting your light shine and finding your voice through style and fashion here are a few things to consider:

What colors and patterns go well together?
What works well on my body?
How does this outfit make me feel when I’m in it?
Do I have a style budget? (Because budgets are important.)

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Bryant shared a great idea when she suggests that individuals must “Work With What You’ve Got.” Fashion can get kind of pricey. It’s important to be savvy and work with what you have. Some of the outs of season pieces in your closet can easily be turned into something beautiful. Like that old sweater dress, you have hanging in your closet or those old denim jeans you haven’t worn in months. How can you take those items and up-style them into something fabulous? DIY. Those jeans can easily be distressed or turned into a chic denim skirt. DIY is a great way to feel confident in your style and when someone stops you and asks where you got an article of clothing you can say, “Oh this old thing? I made it.” Thrifting is also a great way to get a lot of different looks for a good price and even find items to do DIY projects on.

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Style Mixing and Matching is another way fashion expressions can make a bold statement according to Bryant. Mixing the right patterns is an easy way to bring dimension and help you express your personal style. It could be something simple like mixing a striped shirt with a plaid skirt. I for one really love stripes. You could even throw some color into the mix just to spice it up and I hope you do! Finding color that is cohesive rather than those that match can also add a little zest to an ensemble. For example, the colors red and fuchsia work really well when paired together. Add some gold accents and nude heels and you’re out here turning heads already! It’s really all about how you feel when you are out strutting your stuff and most importantly finding the confidence to strut it.

Bryant calls for doubters to regroup. If you’re feeling uninspired or you can’t seem to put your best fashion foot forward turn to the internet. Pinterest is one of my go-to places for inspiration. It’s also a great place to find color inspiration when mixing colors. Another place to find style inspiration is on YouTube. Style vloggers do lookbooks, style hauls and take you inside of their closet to give great ideas for looks you can try. You could even look up fashion collections online or attend a show if possible. Designers have some of the most creative and diverse minds in the world of fashion so if nothing else ignites you, scanning through a few of this season’s collections definitely will. Magazines whether physical or online are also a great place to look.

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Last but not least feeling good on the inside. Taking time out to make sure you are feeling like your best self is always a big part of the presence you bring to a room and will speak for itself. Investing in self-care, self-love, and acceptance will boost your confidence so remember to love yourself! When more accepting of ourselves we are more likely to actually be ourselves in all aspects, especially when finding and voicing your individual style. So live by your own standards. If people accept you for you that’s great, if not… well, you don’t need them around anyway. Styling your life can be fun when you do it for you. It looks even better when you feel good on the inside.